Tools Of Trade At Poker Table

When playing online poker you tend to get used to the large amount of information available on the screen and the HUD will tell the life, death and miracles of the opponents, but simply the software lets you know how many chips you have others, the size of the pot , etc.. Live But no: it is important to familiarize yourself with the counts, even approximate, of the opponent’s chip (clearly over their own), and used to keep in mind the size of the pot, to avoid making the wrong bets.

How big are the blinds, as was the raise, how many are called, such as stack and which have now had at the beginning: before thinking about the cards on the flop we have this information in the mind strong. For those accustomed to play many tables at once on your PC, sit at a table live can be a bit ‘boring, and get used to these counts can be used to keep vigilant.

Tools Of Trade At Poker Table

Usually, put a big chip in the pot without saying anything to a call, and (usually more) if you want to put more chips into the pot it must be done in one motion. To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, therefore, it is best to announce in a clear voice their bets.

Always remember to be careful not to show your cards when you watch them. It may seem trivial but it is not, I found myself at a table with a person who has assets of $ 2.5 m of winning would show that cards once and the other well, so I had to tell him to be careful.


Also, when you win a hand at showdown, always remember not to give out cards to the dealer before you have the pot is awarded.