Playing Poker Online Without Credit Card

With the spread of poker online, betting shops have suffered minor revolutions, and now you can go to a betting enabled to play poker directly from their desktops, or buy rechargeable cards to recharge your account on the internet. They function as the mobile phone top-ups: just scratching with a penny, read the code and insert it into the system to get the money instantly credited to your poker account.


Probably few economists had expected, but in the new millennium it is fashionable to the virtual bank account: it is an actual fund transfers or payments charged via credit card. If you have money online, they will move quickly online, and it is this reason that drives many people to use their virtual accounts for transactions on the web.

Playing Poker Online Without Credit Card

In this case the data necessary to make the payment may vary, however, is usually made an encrypted connection between the site that wants to receive the money and the system that manages the virtual account, and then are asked, for example, username and password account, and of course the amount you want to pay. The most famous are MoneyBookers and PayPal.


So how should I pay?


The bank has the advantage of being made out to someone, but actually when we do a payment via credit card, this also leaves traces tax, then the recipient is identifiable in the same way. It still remains a method is too slow to be taken into account.


The virtual account is nothing but a means: you must still pay by credit card or bank transfer, to recharge their virtual fund. So if you have one of these funds, it is unnecessary to create a poker room to pay.


The idea of rechargeable cards to play online is not bad, but the mere thought of having to leave home often enough to let you have the desire to play.


In conclusion, the best method is to the credit card, because it leaves a trace tax and is very fast.

The same methods (apart from the rechargeable cards) can be used to collect the winnings, but the timing this time also depend on the poker room.