Bankroll What Is It

Bankroll What Is It

Bankroll is the full amount that a player makes available to poker.

The basic hypothesis is that player, once exhausted its capital, it will more ‘play.

It is therefore obvious that one of the main goals for a player is to protect and increase their bankroll.

The most common mistake made by those who for the first time comes to poker, especially online, is to play at limits too high compared to their means. Although this is a game where skill prevails component, are present in the part assigned to the case which produces inevitable fluctuations in our results.

Precisely for this reason it is absolutely essential to have adequate capital to our game in order to withstand the negative swings allowing us to play a period of time sufficiently long to allow our real ability to make a difference. Obviously if we are losers in the long run there is no bankroll that can save us, but even if we had the best players in the world, playing excessively high limits in danger of losing everything because of a bad run, which is impossible if we are protected by a adequate bankroll.


Bankroll Requirements MINIMUM of:

  • Cash – No Limit: 20 Buy-in (100 times the BigBlind each).
  • Cash – Limit: 300 Big Bets
  • Tournament – Sit & Go: 20 Buy-in
  • Tournament – Multi-Table: 30 Buy-in (but it matters a lot the number of participants in the tournament, for tournaments with many hundreds of subscribers increased more than 50 Buy-in)

The concept of bankroll is in fact not so straightforward, but here you want to communicate a simple initial guideline that can be used to avoid making blunders and sometimes irreparable (read: go “broke” and that is to lose everything).